24 Track Analog Recording Studio IJmuiden


Tascam Msr24 24 track analog multitrack
D&R 2 x 32CH inline desk
Lexicon effects:
1 x PCM90
1 x MPX1
Dynacord effects:DRP-15
Roland effects:DEP-5
Valley 440 compressor/limiter de-esser 2x
Valley leveller
Korg dual digital delay
8x noise gate 2x
Audio&Design compressor/limiter
ART Pro Vla 2
SPL Vitalizer
Urei 1176 clone compressor/limiter
GSSL dual mixbuss compressor/limiter
Drawmer Tube opto compressor
Drawmer Tube mic pre-amp
Radioman A&D F600 Clone compressor/limiter. DIY Limiter
Roland PM-16
Roland sound canvas
Roland R-5
2 x parametric Equalizer
van Medevoort Power amps
SPL Goldmike Pre-amp
Golden Age Project Pre-73 Pre-amp
Sony Dat 
Hughes and Kettner red box
Yamaha monitors
Tannoy monitors
Soundcraft monitors
ReVox A77


Vintage Neumann U-87 mics
Röde mics
Mxl tube mics
Vintage Akg D19C mics
Akg C1000 Mics
SE Electronics Condenser mics
Sennheiser D421 mics
Sennheiser MD211 mics
Shure sm-57
Shure sm-58 mics
Beyer Dynamic mics
SE electronics Ribbon mic
Omnitronic Ribbon mic.
Misc. large and small membrane condenser mics


Mapex 5pc drumkit standard available for recording sessions


Rocktron Piranha tube pre-amp
Rocktron Intellifex fx unit
Mesa 50/50 tube power amp
Korg racktuner
3 x Marshall 4x 12" cabinets
Marshall jcm900 head
Vintage Electro-Harmonix effects
Rocktron Replitone
Various outboard effects available